Nicole and Mike

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My cousin found Jason on Instagram and after reviewing his work, I decided to have him photograph my wedding on Nov 1, 2014. The whole process with Jason was seamless. He was very easy to get in touch with if we had any questions. We didn’t have a spot in mind to take pictures, but Jason found a great location the morning of our wedding, even though he had never been to the area before. He was very easy going and friendly and our pictures turned out amazing! I would definitely recommend Jason for wedding photography!

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Holly and Brad


We were referred to Jason by a friend and we couldn’t have picked anyone better to document our big day. Not only was he super fun but from the moment we met, we felt like we had known him for years. He was totally flexible and sensitive to our ideas but also come with his own great input. Our pictures turned out beautifully and Jason managed to catch some very special moments. We highly recommend Jason to photograph any occasion you don’t want to forget!

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Katie and Yianni


I cannot say enough times how wonderful it was to have Jason Crocker himself and his partner photograph our wedding! He has such a great eye for beautiful moments and photos. Everyone who has seen our photos absolutely loves them and asks who our photographer was. Jason and his team caught beautiful moments from different angles that made seeing them just that much better.

He had a beautiful little selection of our photos up on his website the DAY after the wedding and was quick to get me all of the photos shortly after. He truly goes above and beyond and I couldn’t be happier! If you choose him to photograph your event you will be so happy

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Anna and Aaron

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Jason was a great photographer to work with. He listened to all the things that I wanted and came with his own ideas and the end result was a beautiful collaboration. I highly recommend Jason for your upcoming wedding you will not be disappointed.

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Kathryn and Austin


The stars aligned in all the right ways; I think Jason was always meant to be our photographer. I randomly received a text from one of my good girl friends one evening asking if we had any extra space for a visitor from Ohio, ironically my home state. My finance and I had just recently moved into a townhome. Space, along with boxes, was something we had an abundance of. She explained that her friend would be coming to Seattle and he needed a place to crash for a night. We, of course, couldn’t say no; it is something we are both terrible at doing. I think we were simply hoping the random visitor wouldn’t mind our messy townhome and ferociously adorable guard dog. It wasn’t until after we agreed to let him stay at our place that we learned Jason was also an immensely talented photographer. And when I say immensely, I mean immensely.

Even though it turned out he didn’t need to stay at our place, which I should tell him now was probably a God-send, considering he would have left our place with dog hair covering his clothes and probably a chewed up shoe or two, he told us he’d spend the afternoon with us taking photographs for our engagement because we were kind. I can’t really explain how incredibly excited I was to hear him say he’d be our photographer. Photographs with Austin, my incredibly caring, handsome and way-out-my-league fiance, was something that was really important to me. And just as I hoped he would, Jason captured us naturally and beautifully – nothing but smiles and giggles. We honestly got really lucky being matched with such a talented photographer. In the end, it pays to be nice to people…

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Mike and Becca


Jason is hands-down, the best photographer I’ve seen in the business. He’s fun, extremely talented, energetic, creative, and passionate about the quality of his work. He was a blast to work with, and there was never a dull or awkward moment when he was taking photos.

I am very happy with the photos we received, and the communication he was able to provide throughout the entire process. Everyone who has seen the pictures have been blown away with the quality, and artistic approach he used while taking these. It was really nice he had an additional lens to use when the sun seemed to become an issue. Having someone who’s as quick thinking and adaptive as Jason is truly a talent worth paying the extra dollar for!

There’s no doubt in my mind I’ll recommend him to anyone looking for engagement / wedding / birthday / etc. photos, because he truly is one of a kind!

Thank you, Jason for all you’ve done – you truly have made March 30, 2013 a special day for us!

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