Kara and Kenny | Destination Wedding Photographer | Monaco & France


As destination weddings go, Kara and Kenny’s Monaco-bound nuptials took the cake. An ornate, immaculately-frosted, mouth-watering-cake, that is. See, when most people hear “destination wedding photographer,” they might picture a tropical backdrop and casual beach-y ceremony. A barefoot bride, flower leis, et cetera. Kara and Kenny’s choice of location for their big day had so much more to offer, especially  through my camera-wielding eyes. The picturesque Bay of Villefranche and sprawling countryside of Nice offered inspiration a plenty for tons of pre-ceremony footage I was able to capture. And the main event itself, which took place inside a centuries-old church plopped down near Monaco’s renowned Hotel de Paris and Casino Monte Carlo was also a sight for sore eyes.

destination-wedding-photographer-france-wedding-23– Heading inside the Chateau Eza for the eight-course reception.

destination-wedding-photographer-france-wedding-3destination-wedding-photographer-france-wedding-4destination-wedding-photographer-france-wedding-5destination-wedding-photographer-france-wedding-6destination-wedding-photographer-france-wedding-7– Kenny and his other leading lady, Becky a.k.a. mom, sharing some quiet moments (and custom baseball cuff links) before heading to the church.

destination-wedding-photographer-france-wedding-8destination-wedding-photographer-france-wedding-9destination-wedding-photographer-france-wedding-10destination-wedding-photographer-france-wedding-11– Last-minute spirits in the regal Hotel de Paris.

destination-wedding-photographer-france-wedding-12destination-wedding-photographer-france-wedding-13destination-wedding-photographer-france-wedding-14destination-wedding-photographer-france-wedding-15– Making it “official” with loved ones doubling as witnesses.

destination-wedding-photographer-france-wedding-16destination-wedding-photographer-france-wedding-17destination-wedding-photographer-france-wedding-18destination-wedding-photographer-france-wedding-19destination-wedding-photographer-france-wedding-21destination-wedding-photographer-france-wedding-22destination-wedding-photographer-france-wedding-24– Dusk sets in over the sweeping French Riviera.

destination-wedding-photographer-france-wedding-27destination-wedding-photographer-france-wedding-28destination-wedding-photographer-france-wedding-20– Newly-minted bride and groom on the back steps of the Casino Monte Carlo.

destination-wedding-photographer-france-wedding-26– Stumbling upon a secret garden calls for an impromptu make-out session. Or two.


My key learnings from shooting my first-ever international love fest?

  • You can never have enough memory cards. (The money spent to buy some peace of mind is worth it. Always.)
  • Sleep becomes more of an option than a necessity when travel plans leave little room for it. (But who needs 8+ hours when you’re basking in the sun of the Mediterranean? When in Rome  France.)
  • Jambon beurre baguettes are quite possibly thee best means of sustenance around. (“Jambon beurre” literally translates to “ham butter.” Case closed.)
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