You love each other. I love my camera and Cleveland Wedding Photography. Let’s get together.

Let’s face it: planning a wedding is stressful. And if you fall into the 99.9% of people I’ve worked with, chances are you’re going to be a little stressed on the actual day, too. But when it comes to Cleveland wedding photography, you need not worry. I’ll handle everything from behind the lens. This leaves you two to focus on what really matters– not screwing up the reciting of the vows.

The Total Package.

When it comes to coverage of the big day, I don’t mess around. We’re talking a no-holds-barred approach. The whole enchilada. Everything but the kitchen sink. (Make sense? Good, because I’m running out of expressions.) All Cleveland wedding photography bundles include rights to the fully edited digital files to ensure no moment goes undocumented.


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Have Camera, Will Travel!

Will I agree to be the photographer you bring along to capture your seaside nuptials in the South of France? Heck yes. And good news for you: I’ve got experience shooting destination weddings. (Monaco, to be exact.) My bags are packed. My passport’s ready. My camera is fully loaded with memory. Name the time and place and I’d be happy to meet you there!

Can I Get a Witness

Do my couples and I have a blast on wedding day? Yes. Do we make awesome art together? You betcha. If you’re not sold yet, go read for yourself what my couples have to say!

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Albums– the Old School Kind

Sure, you can upload all the wonderful pictures I give you to your Facebook account, but do you really want Great Aunt Betty commenting on every single one? I’m all for digital sharing– but let’s make sure you also have a tangible, real-life album to hold in your hands and show off on your coffee table.

Touchable, Hangable, Sendable

Word to the wise: not all prints, cards, canvases or wall art is created equal. My job isn’t over until you have the highest quality art hanging in your new marital love nest. I’ll help you create custom works of art that match your personality and your space.


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Recent work

OK, enough talk. Time to let my Cleveland Wedding Photography speak for itself. Or you can read Google Reviews.