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Being the Cleveland wedding photographer for a duo like Brenna and Shawn a few weeks ago was a piece of cake. Why? Well, to be perfectly honest it doesn’t hurt that Brenna looks like she just stepped off the pages of “Today’s Bride.” Add in Shawn and these two make quite the stunning couple. But looks aside, it was obvious during the toasts, amid hoards of family and friends at Massimo da Milano in Ohio City, that this pair is admired and looked up to by those closest to them. Oh, and one more thing: they were fun to work with. Very fun. Fun with a capital “F.”  As you’ll soon discover from peeping the pics below, my favorite wedding  bookings  include spur-of-the-moment shots and spontaneity on the part of the bride and groom. If they’re having the time of their lives, it’s my job to capture it. And Brenna + Shawn made that part verrrrrry easy.

cleveland_wedding_photographers-2The bride-to-be adds some finishing touches to her makeup. cleveland_wedding_photographers-3-5cleveland_wedding_photographers-4cleveland_wedding_photographers-6Shawn and his groomsmen putting on their attire.cleveland_wedding_photographers-7-8cleveland_wedding_photographers-9cleveland_wedding_photographers-12cleveland_wedding_photographers-13Finishing touches and a bright smile to match.cleveland_wedding_photographers-14A beautiful ceremony at St. Adalbert Church. A top pick for Cleveland wedding photographers.cleveland_wedding_photographers-15 The stunning bride escorted down the aisle by her father.cleveland_wedding_photographers-16cleveland_wedding_photographers-17cleveland_wedding_photographers-18cleveland_wedding_photographers-19 Sealing the deal.cleveland_wedding_photographers-20cleveland_wedding_photographers-21cleveland_wedding_photographers-22cleveland_wedding_photographers-23 Post-ceremony shots at Coe Lake…cleveland_wedding_photographers-24 The boys looking dapper…cleveland_wedding_photographers-25 And the girls looking sweet.cleveland_wedding_photographers-26 Incoming! cleveland_wedding_photographers-27cleveland_wedding_photographers-28cleveland_wedding_photographers-29 Let’s not forget about the shoes…cleveland_wedding_photographers-30cleveland_wedding_photographers-31cleveland_wedding_photographers-32 Next stop: Town Hall for some brews and group shots. (No, not THOSE shots… that happened later.)cleveland_wedding_photographers-33Simple burlap and baby’s breath centerpieces with votive candles add sophisticated simplicity to the reception hall.cleveland_wedding_photographers-37-38cleveland_wedding_photographers-46cleveland_wedding_photographers-40cleveland_wedding_photographers-41cleveland_wedding_photographers-51-53Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Inks !cleveland_wedding_photographers-55cleveland_wedding_photographers-56cleveland_wedding_photographers-57cleveland_wedding_photographers-58 A toast for the bride and groom…cleveland_wedding_photographers-59cleveland_wedding_photographers-60cleveland_wedding_photographers-61cleveland_wedding_photographers-62cleveland_wedding_photographers-63cleveland_wedding_photographers-64cleveland_wedding_photographers-65cleveland_wedding_photographers-66cleveland_wedding_photographers-67 Bright moments and happy salutes.cleveland_wedding_photographers-68 First dance moments…cleveland_wedding_photographers-69cleveland_wedding_photographers-70cleveland_wedding_photographers-71cleveland_wedding_photographers-72cleveland_wedding_photographers-73 A spontaneous dip amidst the city lights on W. 25thcleveland_wedding_photographers-74

Like what you see? How do you think I fared as a Cleveland Wedding Photographer? Be sure to leave some love for Brenna and Shawn in the comments section below!

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